Why I have to coach

Coaching assists me to live in the present, to make each day count, and to be aware of time as the precious commodity it is – on a daily and weekly basis. Coaching connects me to my higher self and to my unconscious self. By hearing my own words spoken out loud to a caring, supportive, non-judgemental other, I reinforce my own goals and purposes. Hearing my coach repeat these hopes, goals, and dreams back to me helps embed them in my conscious mind and makes them real for me.

Coaching holds me accountable for both my actions and my growth. It is a way of demonstrating that as a competent person and a professional, I care enough to invest in my own development. I honour myself by ensuring that I have the support I need to keep on the path I have set for myself.

Coaching gives me a safe place to share my joys and sorrows, my triumphs and failures, my accomplishments and regrets. I know my coach will listen without judging, encourage, push, probe ā€“ not allow me to stay stuck and wallow when Iā€™m depressed, or to become arrogant when I am successful.

Coaching helps me develop and extend my skills: technical, intrapersonal and interpersonal. I have a consistent talking mirror in which to view my whole self, to get feedback on my progress, to receive encouragement, and to be nudged when I am functioning at less than my best self.

Coaching helps me integrate disparate parts of myself and become more balanced, fulfilled and whole. My coach encourages me to bring all parts of me to the coaching contract ā€“ emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual. The coaching relationship helps me, each day, as a vibrant, competent person, to become more of whom I am meant to be!

Gail Rappolt
Illumination Coaching