Our work has been refreshing, energizing and always thought provoking.  Thank you for the great conversations, confidence boosting and challenging dialogues.  I feel very lucky to have connected with you.
Jennifer Spragge - Strategic Planner, CBC
What I like about your work with me is that you ask me questions that help me find my own solutions - you don't tell me what I should do and I really appreciate that.
Domenic Lunardo - Commissioner, Town of Oakville
You are a person of keen observation, sharp intellect, clear insight, and a loving and caring heart - and I can't think of better qualities to have in a top-tier coach.
Eli Landa - Executive Coach
Gail’s mentoring stayed with me long after our coaching sessions came to end. Every day, I think of one of her insights or the little tips Gail gave me.
Judy Piercey - Managing Editor CBC Edmonton
A Happy Client of Your Formative Coaching Years. I use techniques you taught me consciously and subconsciously daily!
Cheryl Sampson - Cheryl Sampson Consulting, Financial Planning
Gail really helped- long term planning made short term so much clearer & having a combined short/long term plan has helped in so many other ways referring to Stage 1,2 or 3 clarifies things, even with customers, other trades makes us seem organized!!
Sue Stewart Greene - "Greenestyle", Property Management