Visioning, Strategic Planning, and Team Development

Merge passion and purpose to illuminate the vision of your department, small business, or organization. Enliven or awaken a high dream for your team and use a tailored for you process, coax this dream into a plan that is realistic and feasible. Gail will coach you or both you and your management team through an inspiring and empowering process, which will transform your dreams into a practical three to five year plan – most importantly one that your team will be committed to.

Gail has held a number of senior management positions in the public sector at the local and provincial level. In her roles, she managed large departments and sites where she was involved in restructuring and change management, led cross-functional teams, and designed and developed new programs. She has also held significant positions of leadership in the volunteer sector.

Significant business impacts include restructuring the Curriculum Department at the a large Board of Education over a three year period, building an effective and provincially respected team of professionals and support staff. Gail further designed, developed and implemented the Ontario Provincial Benchmarks for both mathematics and English. This was a complex, politically charged process where she was able to gain commitment to and support for these standards with diverse and competing stakeholder groups across the province.

Some of Gail’s formal training, along with her recent coaching certification (CPCC, 2007) includes National Training Laboratory courses in the United States, including Planning, Futuring and Implementation, Why Interventions Work, Conflict Resolution, and Team Building and Process Consultation. Gail has further mediation training through REAL Justice.

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Gail’s mentoring stayed with me long after our coaching sessions came to end. Every day, I think of one of her insights or the little tips Gail gave me.
Judy Piercey - Managing Editor CBC Edmonton