Making Our Way to Mother

Mother is both noun AND verb. In highest-self and best-being form, our mothers are our nurturers; our guides; our firm yet compassionate counselors, our source of unconditional love, source of support for our bodies, minds, and spirits. May we chose today to make our way to our mothers—the mothers who gave us life, the mothers who chose us, and the mothers whom we have chosen. May we find them for the first of many first times.

Mother as a verb is a way of moving and being in the world; it is being the change we wish to see in the world: nurturing, guiding, supporting, loving those we know and those we have yet to know. May we choose the way to mother: mother as verb. May we choose this day and every day to love others and ourselves with unconditional and boundless compassion, for this is the way to our highest selves. This is the way of best-being. This is our way to mother.

© Beverly Horton May 2010

Presented at the First Unitarian Church of Hamilton – Mothers’ Day May 09 2010.