Executive Coaching

Are you a committed, skilled leader/manager who knows that you are ready for an even greater challenge? Are you looking for creative ways to empower your staff and develop a learning culture in your organization? Are you concerned about a relationship with a peer or boss, but unsure how to approach it? Do you long for more effective ways to make conflict a constructive process? Coaching with Gail Rappolt can illuminate the way as your executive coach. She focuses on how to merge your passion and purpose. Gail’s coaching illuminates by inspiring you to take risks, leading you to act on them, and holding you accountable to stay on course. Gail believes in and practices transformational leadership.

Gail is a dynamic and creative business and team coach whose warmth, knowledge of human behaviour and positive energy provide an outstanding opportunity for her clients to ignite their passion and transition into a new phase of leadership competence. Gail has 25 years of management experience inside a large system, where she was regarded as an excellent coach and mentor. Gail’s coaching is inspiring, empowering, built on authenticity, presence, and uses highly skilled listening and questioning as the primary processes. Her background as a successful leader/manager brings both awareness of the complexities faced by her clients, and the coaching skills to help them find solutions that will be effective in their own organizational culture. Gail has been a Senior Associate with the Niagara Institute since 1999, where she facilitates coaching clinics to improve communication skills and provides individual coaching for senior executives.

In 2004, Gail established her private coaching practice. Interventions include strategic planning for small business clients; personal coaching using the Co-Active Model (Coaches Training Institute), team building contracts, as well her work at the Niagara Institute where her success as a leader and manager is applied to coaching the Leadership Development Program (LDP)®, the Executive Leadership Program, (ELP)®, facilitating coaching clinics and providing stand-alone executive coaching.

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Gail really helped- long term planning made short term so much clearer & having a combined short/long term plan has helped in so many other ways referring to Stage 1,2 or 3 clarifies things, even with customers, other trades makes us seem organized!!
Sue Stewart Greene - "Greenestyle", Property Management