About Gail

Values of Illumination Coaching

To be an Authentic Presence for good

To share and therefore create Abundance
To be of Service by Leading, Inspiring, Transforming, Empowering
To live Spiritually in a place of Gratitude
To work with Love and Determination

To live with Joy and Exhilaration
To revel in nature’s Beauty

GAIL RAPPOLT, Executive Coach, B.A., M.Ed., CPCC, PCC

Gail Rappolt is a dynamic and creative executive and team coach whose warmth, knowledge of human behaviour, and positive energy form the basis for an outstanding learning opportunity for her clients. Her background as a successful leader/manager brings both awareness of the complexities faced by her business clients, and the coaching skills to help them find solutions that will be effective in their own organizational culture.

Gail has held a number of senior management positions in the public sector at the local and provincial level as well as leadership roles on the boards of volunteer and professional organizations. In addition, she has also held significant positions of leadership in the volunteer sector.

Gail has been a Senior Associate of the Niagara Institute since 1999, where her success as a leader and manager is applied to coaching in the Executive Leadership Program (ELP)®, the Leadership Development Program (LDP)®, and to facilitating coaching clinics and providing stand-alone executive coaching.  She completed her coaching certification in 2006 and opened Illumination Coaching.  Her interventions in her own practice include personal and executive coaching, strategic planning for small business and teambuilding.


About Gail

 How Gail describes herself as a coach…

I want to be of service – to help make the world a more peaceful compassionate place – to seek and follow my own path and help people find and follow their paths as well – to help them hear the voice of their higher selves.

Opening people to their higher selves is really is what coaching is about – whether it is with a corporate client, in a volunteer setting as a mentor or with a small child in the park.  It is helping people find more authentic ways of being so that they are more of themselves and living more joyfully.


From a dear friend…

 Gail is a person of her word. She has managed to accomplish an amazing amount in her life – on behalf of individuals, groups and the community at large. Although she says she finds conflict very difficult, it’s almost as if she is called to situations that demand she deal with it – whether in her career in education, or in her church and community work. She is giving, responsible to a fault, articulate, incredibly aware of people’s emotions – especially in meetings or groups.  What a lot of people don’t see is her sense of humour; she can be so funny! The kids in her life see it, she has this cutting edge to her and I guess she doesn’t like to show it because it goes against who she wants to be – compassionate and non-judgmental.  She is generous with her time, money, and talents. Although she has not been my “coach”, I have two friends who have been coached by her and they say the experience was truly life changing. So whatever she is currently doing, it seems it is what she always has done – making a positive difference in people’s lives by inspiring, transforming, and leading.


from someone who knows of Gail…

 My friends tell me that Gail is a remarkable human being. People who have worked with her in various settings describe as a compassionate leader who demands a lot of others, who encouraged them to risk and grow, and who has an incredible ability to create team, even with really diverse groups. She is articulate, both verbally and in writing, and has the ability to inspire from the stage as a speaker.  She has been widely acknowledged for her peace and social justice work in her community


What I like about your work with me is that you ask me questions that help me find my own solutions - you don't tell me what I should do and I really appreciate that.
Domenic Lunardo - Commissioner, Town of Oakville