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Coaching with Gail will illuminate the way!

Gail has formally coached professionals and senior executives for 15 years as a Senior Associate with the Niagara Institute. She also brings the added dimension of personal leadership and management experience to her executive coaching. Gail worked as a public sector leader and executive for 25 years before transitioning into her own 2nd career as a coach. She brings her years of leadership experience inside large organizations, as well as her formal coach training and certification to each of her clients in a unique way.

If you would like to gain a sense of Gail as a person, click on About Gail to read her professional bio and informal accounts of how people have experienced Gail, and their testimonials.

Gail has a proven track record of coaching her clients, to make their dreams reality. Email Gail right now to book a complimentary sample session.

How might Illumination Coaching serve you?

Are you

  •  a highly competent professional in late mid-life who is asking “what next”?
  • managing a high performing group of reports and know that you can be and do even more, but are not sure how?
  • a professionally and financially successful vice president or senior executive in a corporation who is seeking to re-ignite your passion for your work?
  • a successful entrepreneur who can’t imagine what the concept “retire” might mean for you?
  • a CEO who is ready to move on but you don’t have a plan or see a path?
  • looking for a new opportunity that more accurately connects your personal passion with work that has meaningful purpose?